Already present for a long time in certain industrial fields, three-dimensional printing is becoming more and more popular in the private sphere. The movement is not ready to stop: models and prototyping, architecture, jewelery, dentistry, deco & design, gift ideas … The possibilities, we see, are innumerable.

 Founded in 2014 and based in Belgium, IDArt is your 3D partner today! An innovative company, at the forefront of developments in its sector, IDArt and its employees are dedicated to offering you the best in 3D printing technology and services.

 Our business area covers a large range of the products and services that 3D offers, including: 3D printing services, rapid prototyping, 3D replication, creation, architecture model printing, 3D scanning, optimization of 3D digital files, 3D marketing … We also offer trainings to the use of 3D machines as well as mastering 3D modeling programs.